Stagen Fight Team, Where Champions Are Made

Our Classes

Jido Kwan Taekwondo

Learn how to fight competitively in the world of Taekwondo.

YawYan Philippine Kickboxing

Filipino martial art that is similar in style to Muay Thai & San Shou

Seminar Classes

Participate in Seminar classes with the most elite instructors

Zohar Krav Maga

This consists of a wide combination from aikido,judo,boxing and wrestling

DTS Dikiti Tirsia Sirada

This is a blade oriented system heavily emphasizing in footwork, with multiple ranging styles.

Reality Self Defense

This class is engineered by Jojo, this classes focused on real life situations

Stagen's Martial Arts, one of the best known martial arts school in the Midwest.
Where Champions Are Made

It is established over two decades ago by James "Jojo" Stagen who is the master instructor at the school. Jojo's teaching methods combine skills he attained through the years of training with the best masters in the world, and from actual real life situations he encountered through his career as a law enforcement officer in a high crime area. He has also developed a system in self-defense that is systematic yet practical. His methods are tailored to each individual's gender, height, weight, and, physical abilities.

Our Instructors

Master James Jojo Stagen

Head Instructor
5th Dan Black Belt, Former U.S National Champion, Former U.S Fighter of the Pro Taekwondo Fighter Year, Zohar Krav Maga Certified, Dikiti Tirsia Sirada Certified, Yaw Yan Tigreleon Instructor


3rd Dan USNTF, 2nd Dan Kukkiwon, Former Undefeated IL State Champion

Danny S Soriano

2nd Dan USNTF, 1st Dan Kukkiwon

Mike Santiago

BJJ MMA Instructor
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